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The Best Basement Renovation In Aldergrove

If you're searching for a basement renovation in Aldergrove, BC, you've come to the right place!

basement renovation aldergrove with gray couches and off-white walls

If you’re looking to revitalize your basement, City & Country Contracting is the perfect solution! Our skilled professionals are passionate about turning dreary and outdated basements into vibrant living areas that benefit your lifestyle and add comfort. With us on board, you can rest assured, knowing we’ll bring out the best in any space.

With our expert and dependable services, you can be sure we will breathe new life into what was once an empty space! Our knowledgeable remodeling solutions are always available so that when it comes to your renovation projects, all of your worries can dissipate. You won’t believe the transformation until you experience it yourself – let us help make refurbishing fun yet professional!

basement renovation in british columbia with a light gray couch and a foosball table

The Many Advantages of A Basement Renovation Service

At City & Country Contracting, we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations for a home renovation. With over one hundred years of combined experience, our professionals have the expertise to transform any basement into an inviting and practical area.

Get ready to receive:

Premium Home Renovation Services From The Best General Contractor

Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your basement! If you’re trying to maximize the value of your Aldergrove home and attract potential buyers, renovating that unloved basement is essential. Failing to do so could cost you dearly; not only will buyers typically offer lower prices for homes with disheveled basements, they may even reject it altogether! Invest in improving the lowest floor now – you’ll be glad you did when the selling time comes around.

Achieving more space in your home is a great way to add value practically and sentimentally, even if you don’t plan on selling it anytime soon. So what are you waiting for? Whether you need an extra bedroom that can bring in some money or the perfect spot for entertaining friends – we have just the right setup and design to meet your needs!

Check out our basement renovation offer in Aldergrove. Work with the only local pros to see your vision through and execute it perfectly!

Your Neighbors In Aldergrove Love Their New Basements!


Jordan F.


These guys did an awesome job on our recent remodel.

Shayne was great to work with, he kept us in the loop on the work being done and completed the job on time

I’ve been stalling on renovating some other areas of our home, but after seeing the quality of work, I will definitely be giving Shayne a call again!


Ryan F.


Shayne and the team at City & Country Contracting did a fantastic job with our tiling job.

Great communication, quick scheduling, excellent work completion, and great project management.

Would most definitely use Shayne and team again.

Different Finishes You Can Get For Your Basement

Are you looking to expand your property’s worth or fulfill a long-held dream of having extra space? Transforming your basement is the ideal solution! To get started, here are some inspiring ideas.

Guest Bedroom

As your family grows, the need for more space is inevitable. Whether it’s to give children their own personal area or welcome overnight guests with a comfortable stay, having an extra bedroom can be incredibly useful. The perfect solution that allows you to make additional income as well? Create a guestroom in the basement of your home! You could even include living areas and bathroom features so visitors feel right at home – all while providing comfort too.
guest bedroom in basement

A Man-Cave

Homeowners come to us with the aim of transforming their gloomy basements into inviting social spaces – perfect for watching films, playing pool, or simply catching up with friends. This kind of remodeling is a great idea because it won’t take too much time or cost a fortune in comparison to other projects.

To make your home the go-to hangout spot for all your friends and family, add a convenient bathroom on the main level, so people don’t need to head upstairs during get-togethers. Enhance this area with an exquisite pool table, flat screen TV set, plush couch, and bar – prepare yourself for some remarkable gatherings!

entertainment space in basement

An Office Or Workspace

Working remotely has been made seemingly more complicated due to the sheer amount of virtual meetings, lack of privacy, and constant distractions. With so much commotion making it nearly impossible to focus, many are struggling with this new way of working from home.

Give your basement a total transformation and make it the perfect home office or personal workspace with only two simple pieces – a couch and a desk. Design an environment that encourages heightened focus, away from diversions for utmost productivity. With very little effort, you will have all of the components needed to develop a tranquil oasis where you can work peacefully without disruption.

An office with walls painted white and black accents

In-House Gym

With increasingly frenzied lives, making room for physical activities like exercising is difficult. Not only is carving out time a tricky process, but gym memberships can be financially strenuous, and visiting the place could easily eat up that precious free period.

Are you looking for a way to stay fit, reduce stress levels, and work out in the comfort of your own home? An in-house gym in your basement is an ideal solution. You can exercise without feeling judged and take it at your own pace – something we all crave!

Investing in an array of equipment for your very own gym might come with a hefty price-tag, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Start modestly by purchasing just one or two machines and gradually increase the number as time goes on. This great strategy will get you your desired results without breaking the bank!

gym at home

A Highly-Efficient Basement Renovation Process

Our basement renovation process was designed specifically with you in mind to make sure that you have a quick, easy, and transparent experience. With our process, you’ll always know exactly what’s happening and why at every step along the way.



We define your vision for your basement.




We don’t stop until we bring your vision to life.



Unwind and relax in your unique space.

A Basement Renovation Tailored To Your Lifestyle

Now is the perfect time to take action on that basement remodeling project in Aldergrove you’ve been considering! City & Country Contracting specializes in producing top-notch, personalized services for your home renovation needs. Don’t wait any longer – get started today and make sure you experience outstanding results!

No matter what your vision is for your renovation project, we will make sure it comes to life. We create a bespoke process tailored specifically for you that meets all of your individual expectations and desires. By choosing us now, you won’t regret it! Our unparalleled service provides the utmost quality guarantee – so don’t delay any longer, start planning your future basement renovation project today!

Let A New Basement Improve The Quality Of Your Life

Shayne Finskars

Request a free quote and let’s discuss your upcoming basement renovation in Aldergrove, BC! Or talk directly with Shayne, the owner of City & Country Contracting at (604) 329-8996 and see if we’re the right fit or fill out our contact form.

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