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City & Country Team

Time For Full pricing Transparency

Understandably, one of the most common fears of homeowners these days are contractors that are overcharging and delivering minimum quality.

Our goal here at City & Country is to change that!

Get ready to receive full pricing transparency and a detailed list of materials with their associated costs. Besides, we’re offering a high-quality product that’s entirely functional and aesthetic, so you’ll be 100% satisfied with your investment!

Here’s what we bring to your project:

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Deck additions are amazing projects that’ll make your life so much better! Be it composite or wood, your new deck will look great!

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Jordan F.


These guys did an awesome job on our recent bathroom remodel. Shayne was great to work with, he kept us in the loop on the work being done and completed the job on time. 

I’ve been stalling on renovating some other areas of our home, but after seeing the quality of work done on our main bathroom I will definitely be giving Shayne a call again!


Eva M.


Thank you so much to Shayne and his team for building our beautiful studio. We were so impressed with their amazing work ethics and wonderful attitudes. They answered all our questions and discussed all our ideas and options.

They were always happy to help and interested in our project (which was on time and on budget! rare these days!). We absolutely recommend Shayne, and once you meet him you will have the same great trust in his expertise and integrity that we did.

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