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Cost Of Bathroom Renovation In Murrayville

Renovating your bathroom? Why not get an expert’s advice on your investment?

renovated bath in murrayville, bc

Zillow states, “bathroom renovations provide the greatest return on investment for increasing property value.” This emphasizes why homeowners should be meticulous in planning a bathroom renovation. Despite the potential difficulties with renovating your bathroom, do not cut back on costs – this is one area where you must invest appropriately!

Cost is the most frequent worry we receive from customers worldwide. Therefore, we provide a free estimation, and if you are unhappy with our services after it’s finished, then you have the option to call us back for us to make any necessary improvements. But until you kickstart your bathroom renovation project, feel free to check out our cost guide for more information about your area!

bathroom renovation in murrayville

The Typical Bath Renovation Cost In Murrayville, BC

The cost of your Murrayville bathroom remodel is dependent on the size of the room, type of materials used, and if you opt for any high-end additions. Below are some rough estimates to help give you an idea as to what a renovated bath may look like according to different types.
Size/Category Economy Standard High-End Luxury
Average Bathroom (10'x10') $20k-$25k $25k-$35k $35k-$50k $50k-$70k

City & Country Contracting can provide the most cost-effective solutions for your specific needs, whether you’re on a budget or not. We deliver low prices, high-quality materials, and excellent customer service that no other businesses in Murrayville, BC, or neighboring areas can match.

Bath Renovation Cost In Murrayville, BC, By Labor

Transforming your bathroom can be a thrilling yet intricate endeavor, requiring the expertise of multiple professionals like plumbers, electricians, and carpenters. The cost for each service provider may differ depending on their experience or project complexity; nevertheless, here is an overview to give you an idea of what budgeting your renovation looks like.

If you need to make any adjustments to your house, like constructing or eliminating a load-bearing wall, an architect could be the ideal person for this task. 

Not only will they ensure that whatever part of the space is modified remains safe enough to proceed with, but they also charge from $65-$250 per hour fee and 10-20% extra for what’s been spent.


Investing in a professional bathroom designer is the ideal way to ensure that your space looks perfect and matches your home’s design. To get someone who fits within your budget, start by looking at different designers for price quotes. Designer fees vary depending on experience. An initial consultation could range from $300-$1500 or 10-20% of the total estimated renovation cost. Investing in a quality designer will help you avoid any issues down the line and create a beautiful room!

Avoiding water waste and costly leaks starts with installing a high-quality plumbing system, which is why it’s worth bringing in an expert. 

Professional plumbers charge between $70-$150 per hour for their services as well as the cost of materials used; however, this small fee pays off by ensuring you get superior performance without any mess or stress.

Updating your home’s electrical system is not only secure, but it protects your family as well. We recommend hiring a professional electrician to update your home to the new standards.

Although it may seem costly to hire an electrician upfront, the safety of yourself and your family is worth more than any price tag. Most professional electricians cost between $80-$150 per hour—a fair price for peace of mind.

If you’re looking for a custom vanity, it’s best to hire a professional carpenter. They will be able to construct cabinets that precisely match your style and preferences. Semi-custom or stock cabinets are much easier (and less expensive) to come by, so all you have to do is hire an installer.
When you click the button on our site, connecting with multiple local contractors will be fast and simple. We are passionate about providing superior communication to all of our clients – electricians, plumbers, carpenters, builders or designers! That way your project’s development can always remain transparent for you throughout each stage of its completion.

We offer professional bathroom renovation services to homeowners in Murrayville, BC, and we take pride in delivering the best end product to all our customers. Check out our offer and get your free quote right now!

Homeowners Love Their Bathroom Renovation In Murrayville




We hired City & Country Contracting to renovate a fireplace, install new baseboards and casings throughout the house, and reno 2 bathrooms.

Communication and responsiveness were absolutely top notch as we had struggled with many many other contractors during quoting prior to meeting Shayne. Throughout the entire process they kept us in the loop for scheduling and execution. The work by Ross and his crew turned out absolutely flawless.

They paid attention to every detail and consulted with us along the way to make sure we were happy with the end result. Ross made sure that all of the work done by subs was also perfect.

They made me feel like I did not have to worry about shortcuts, workmanship, or design at all and I trusted them completely with the level of attention to detail they brought. I would not hesitate to use City & Country on any renovations we plan in the future. Thanks Shayne, Ross and Kyle for everything we are so happy with the end result.

Bath Renovation Cost In Murrayville By Upgrades

Of course, the cost of workers is a primary concern for any renovation project in Murrayville, BC. But the kinds of materials and improvements you choose will also dictate the final price. Here’s an overview of typical bathroom renovations and their associated costs.


Boost your bathroom’s style and storage capabilities with a vanity that suits your decor. To increase capacity, consider investing in a double vanity for small or cramped bathrooms. Add flair to powder rooms or guest baths by incorporating decorative pieces like mirrors and framed artwork. For more customization than custom cabinets allow, opt for semi-custom vanities – you’ll be able to control the look of your renovation project from start to finish!


Practicality and appeal are both important when you’re choosing countertops. You don’t want to pick something that will be high-maintenance, or it’ll just become more work than it’s worth.
Material Typical Cost (Per square foot installed)
Laminate $30-$72
Quartz $72-$240
Hardwood $54-$300
Marble $102-$360
Granite $72-$300
Stainless Steel $109-$275


Taking on the task of an entire hardwood floor installation isn’t always necessary. If only small segments have been damaged, porcelain tiles are a great go-to solution that requires less time and money to put in place. This will ultimately be both a more cost-effective and sensible choice for you in the long run!

Luxury vinyl tile and plank are a good choice if you’re searching for a less expensive bathroom flooring option. The national average cost to install LVT ranges from $800 to $2,400, with most homeowners spending about $1,600 per 200 square feet of 20 Mil 12″x24″ LVT with a textured stone finish.

laminate floors in bath with tub

Shower Or Tub

To improve the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom, investing in a combination of a walk-in shower and a freestanding tub is an excellent idea. Even though it may strain your budget initially, you’ll reap tremendous benefits that make this investment well worth it!

The cost of a glass walk-in shower varies depending on the size and materials used. For example, a shower pan will be less expensive than tiling the floor and surrounding it. Regarding tubs, porcelain is still considered the best material, although it has a higher price range starting at $2k and reaching up to $7k in some cases.

Freestanding tub in a modern bathroom with herringbone wood flooring and large window
Walk-in shower in a modern bathroom with hardwood herringbone flooring and cream bathroom wall tile

Know What You're Getting For Your Money

Our bathroom remodeling services in Murrayville, BC, are tailored to meet your budget and design specifications. Whether you have a large or small space and whatever style you envision for the project, our team can provide customized solutions at an affordable price.

It’s always best to ask lots of questions so that things go smoothly during your renovation process, so don’t be afraid to voice any concerns that come up to your contractor.

Option Materials Labor Removal Total
Install Bathtub $525 – $1,310 $589 – $786 $65 – $393 $1,179 – $2,490
Install Countertops $131 – $1,310 $65 – $196 $6 – $39 $203 – $1,546
Install Flooring $78 – $170 $458 – $851 $39 – $786 $576 – $1,808
Install Lighting Fixture $65 – $157 $196 – $288 $6 – $13 $268 – $458
Install Shower $458 – $589 $458 – $589 $39 – $65 $956 – $1,310
Install Sink $100 – $250 $300 – $350 $15 – $95 $415 – $695
Install Toilet $131 – $655 $458 – $589 $13 – $26 $602 – $1,271

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We commit to delivering the finest outcomes for our clients’ projects. We strive to exceed expectations with every transaction so that you can feel confident in choosing us as your business partner. When you do, here’s what you’ll get:

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