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Cost Of Bathroom Renovation In Langley Township, BC

Renovating your bathroom? Why not get an expert’s advice on your investment?

A white freestanding tub in a bath with dark walls

Renovating your bathroom is a big home improvement project that will have a major impact on your house and daily life.

As a matter of fact, according to Zillow, “bathroom renovations provide the greatest return on investment in terms of improving the value of your house.” Despite this, one of the biggest challenges that Langley Township, BC homeowners face when renovating their bathrooms is the expense of doing so.

We want to make your bathroom renovation in Langley Township as easy and stress-free as possible, all while maintaining affordability. We’re not done until you’re 100% satisfied, which is why we’re fully dedicated to you and your project.

The cost of an organic bath with wood features and plants

The Typical Bath Renovation Cost In Langley Township, BC

The cost of a bathroom renovation in Langley Township will fluctuate based on various things, such as the size of the room, the type of materials used, and if any additional features are desired.

Let’s see some rough averages for different sizes of baths equipped.

Size/Category Economy Standard High-End Luxury
Average Bathroom (10'x10') $20k-$25k $25k-$35k $35k-$50k $50k-$70k

Whatever your budget, City & Country Contracting can provide the most cost-effective solutions for your specific situation. We’re providing reasonable costs, high-quality materials, and superior customer service that no other contractors in or around Langley Township, BC can match.

Get ready to receive:

Bath Renovation Cost In Langley Township By Labor

Plumbers, designers, electricians, builders, and carpenters are all professionals involved in most bathroom remodeling projects. Of course, each will charge differently for their work. Let’s see some averages.

Architects are required for structural enhancements, such as adding a new wall or taking out a load bearing wall. They’re the experts who guarantee that your new space is structurally sound and that your project unfolds without major delays.

Architects usually charge between $65 to $250 an hour, or between 10% to 20% of your total project cost as a one-time fee.

To avoid any problems and to design a bathroom that complements the style of your home, it’s optimal to hire a professional bathroom designer.

The price of a designer will vary depending on the level of expertise. A designer may cost either 10-20% of your total bathroom renovation budget, or a one-time fee of $300-$1500 for a consultation.

To avoid water issues, it’s best to start from scratch and get a new plumbing system altogether. A professional plumber will make sure you won’t have any water leaks or plumbing system issues.

Plumbers charge between $70 and $150 per hour. Besides their labor, they also charge for materials.

If you want to change the lighting and install the outlets in accordance with new standards, you’ll need an electrician. It’s critical that your electrical system is secure and operational.

Hiring an expert electrician costs between $80 and $150 per hour, with additional expenses. It’s vital to maintain the safety of your house, therefore hiring a specialist is the best option.

If you’re planning on having a custom vanity built, we recommend hiring a professional carpenter. Semi-custom or stock cabinets are much easier to get, so you’ll just need an installer.

Cabinet makers charge around $90 per hour to create cabinets that perfectly match your needs, style, and preferences.

cost of bathroom renovation and the experts needed to make the plans

A Bathroom Remodeler Who Puts Everything Together​

Finding all of these contractors might be difficult for some homeowners, so we’ve made it as simple as clicking a button.

City & Country Contracting always keeps you in the loop regarding your project by maintaining open communication with electricians, plumbers, carpenters, designers, and builders. With us, you’ll never have to guess about the status of your bathroom remodeling project.

We offer professional bathroom renovation services to homeowners in Langley Township, and we take pride in delivering the best end-product to all our customers. Check out our offer and get your free quote right now!

Homeowners Love Their Bathroom Renovation In Langley Township BC




We hired City & Country Contracting to renovate a fireplace, install new baseboards and casings throughout the house, and reno 2 bathrooms.

Communication and responsiveness were absolutely top notch as we had struggled with many many other contractors during quoting prior to meeting Shayne. Throughout the entire process they kept us in the loop for scheduling and execution. The work by Ross and his crew turned out absolutely flawless.

They paid attention to every detail and consulted with us along the way to make sure we were happy with the end result. Ross made sure that all of the work done by subs was also perfect.

They made me feel like I did not have to worry about shortcuts, workmanship, or design at all and I trusted them completely with the level of attention to detail they brought. I would not hesitate to use City & Country on any renovations we plan in the future. Thanks Shayne, Ross and Kyle for everything we are so happy with the end result.

Bath Renovation Cost In Langley Township By Upgrades

Naturally, the cost of labor is a key part of any bath remodeling project in Langley Township, but the sort of materials and upgrades you select will have an impact on the final price.

Let’s look at the upgrades and materials that go into a bath and their associated costs.


Having a bathroom vanity that meshed with your style can make all the difference in how inviting and enjoyable your space is.

If you don’t have enough storage space in your master bathroom, consider using a double vanity. If you’re looking to create a focal point in a powder room or a guest bath, choose a vanity with decorative features.

If you want to get the most return on your investment, a semi-custom vanity is the way to go. At the same time, if you’re looking to get a personalized vanity, you’ll want to go for custom cabinets.

Double hardwood vanity for bathroom with marble walls and black herringbone tile


One of the most essential elements of any room is its countertops, which should be both attractive and useful. You’ll want them to be low maintenance, or else they’ll become more time-consuming than practical.

The installation of these materials also come with different price points.

Material Typical Cost (Per square foot installed)
Laminate $30-$72
Quartz $72-$240
Hardwood $54-$300
Marble $102-$360
Granite $72-$300
Stainless Steel $109-$275
granite countertop for silver faucet
Dark countertop with a white sink and dark faucet


Flooring is another popular home improvement, but not always a necessary one. You don’t need to replace your entire hardwood floor if it’s only somewhat damaged. With some repair and restoration, it can look as good as new!

If you’re searching to install new flooring, porcelain tiles would be more beneficial for you. Most homeowners spend between $10-$30 per square foot when installing porcelain tile flooring (materials included in average cost).

If you’re searching for a more affordable bathroom flooring option, luxury vinyl tile and plank is an excellent selection. The average cost to install LVT nationally ranges between $800 and $2,400, although most homeowners spend about $1,600 to install 200 square feet of 20 Mil 12″x24″ LVT with a textured stone finish.

Marble flooring with expensive countertop and sink

Shower Or Tub

Updating your old tub to a walk-in shower is one of the smartest things you can do. However, adding both a walk-in shower and freestanding tub will uplift both the looks and functionality of your space.

Although this upgrade will raise the total cost of your bathroom renovation in Langley Township, you’ll enjoy a much better quality of life.

On average, a glass walk-in shower usually costs anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000. This cost depends on the size of the shower and what materials are used. For example, a shower pan will be less expensive than if you tile the floor and surround. As far as tubs go, porcelain is still typically seen as the best material to use but they come with a steeper price tag starting at $2k and can even go as high as $7k in some cases.

A black freestanding tub
A glass walk-in shower with dark tile surround
Besides what we mentioned, the bathroom essentials will also add to the final quote.

Know What You're Paying For

The price you’ll pay for your Langley Township bath renovation may be different from past jobs we’ve completed. Several aspects come into play, such as the size of the room, how much money you’re willing to spend, and what style you prefer.

Knowing exactly what you’re paying for is crucial to receive the greatest renovation experience, so don’t be afraid to ask your contractor anything that comes to mind.

Here’s a brief explanation of the most frequent bathroom remodeling components and their associated prices, according to Homestars.

Option Materials Labor Removal Total
Install Bathtub $525 – $1,310 $589 – $786 $65 – $393 $1,179 – $2,490
Install Countertops $131 – $1,310 $65 – $196 $6 – $39 $203 – $1,546
Install Flooring $78 – $170 $458 – $851 $39 – $786 $576 – $1,808
Install Lighting Fixture $65 – $157 $196 – $288 $6 – $13 $268 – $458
Install Shower $458 – $589 $458 – $589 $39 – $65 $956 – $1,310
Install Sink $100 – $250 $300 – $350 $15 – $95 $415 – $695
Install Toilet $131 – $655 $458 – $589 $13 – $26 $602 – $1,271

Get Full Pricing Transparency For Your Bath Renovation Cost In Langley Township!

The typical cost for a bath renovation in Langley is around $40k, but your total price will be different depending on the specifics of your project.

We’ll figure out the best way to keep your remodeling within your budget while still providing you with a high-quality bathroom that meets all of your changing needs.

We’re dedicated to giving you the best possible outcome for your Langley Township project, and we’ll go above and beyond to make sure your experience with us is enjoyable. 

With that said, here’s what you can expect from us:

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