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The Best Bathroom Renovation In Aldergrove, BC

If you're searching for bathroom renovation services in Aldergrove, you've come to the right place!

bathroom renovation aldergrove
Aldergrove homeowners- don’t miss out on the chance to upgrade your bathroom’s appearance! Request a free quote from us today and be amazed by our easy and efficient process. Our specialized team is dedicated to building bathrooms that are beautiful, functional, and exceed all of your expectations. Don’t delay – let’s get started now!

The Many Advantages of Bathroom Remodeling

Revitalize your bathroom in Aldergrove, BC with a new extension that will motivate you to design the rest of your home! Our team only utilizes premium materials and goods for our projects, ensuring first-rate craftsmanship. Let us provide you with an updated room that is sure to impress.

Our team of experienced bathroom renovators is here to help you throughout your renovation journey. We take our commitment to client satisfaction seriously, which means providing precise cost and time estimates and reliable service every step of the way. With us, you can be sure that we’ll never leave you hanging!

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Premium Home Renovation Services From The Best General Contractor

If you are yearning for a calming bathroom remodel that culminates in picturesque results, then City & Country Contracting is the perfect selection for you. Our skillful professionals have already completed over 70 projects and guarantee all of your needs will be fulfilled – without causing any unnecessary stress to you. With us as your dependable companion, there’s no doubt the outcome will precisely match what you had originally imagined!

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Homeowners Love Their Bathroom Renovation In Aldergrove, BC


Jordan F.


These guys did an awesome job on our recent bathroom remodel.

Shayne was great to work with, he kept us in the loop on the work being done and completed the job on time

I’ve been stalling on renovating some other areas of our home, but after seeing the quality of work done on our main bathroom I will definitely be giving Shayne a call again!


Ryan F.


Shayne and the team at City & Country Contracting did a fantastic job with our tiling job.

Great communication, quick scheduling, excellent work completion, and great project management.

Would most definitely use Shayne and team again.

Get Yourself A New Bath That Is Appropriate For Remodeling Magazines

Are you feeling uninspired by your current bathroom and living in Aldergrove, BC? Check out our gallery of beautiful bathrooms from some of your neighbors!

Types Of Bathroom Upgrades

Selecting the right enhancement for your bathroom can be a daunting task. Worry not, as we are here to help! We’ll come over and chat with you about all of the available options so that you’re sure of your choice. Right now, some customer favorites include:

New Vanity

Selecting a vanity for your bathroom is not merely advantageous but can be aesthetically pleasing as well. Whether you choose standard cabinets, semi-customized or custom-made ones, the options are plentiful! If you have lots of family members at home or just need two sinks in one area then consider getting a double vanity – it will effectively provide ample storage without taking up excessive space. On top of that, dual vanities perfectly complement larger bathrooms too!
A simple vanity with dark hardware
A modern wood vanity with a porcelain sink

Tub And Shower

As Aldergrove citizens age, the process of getting in and out of a bathtub can become difficult. Fortunately, converting to a shower is simple, with just some ceramic or porcelain tiles along with an accompanying glass door for full functionality. Furthermore, installing an above-ground pool isn’t as frightening as it seems – it’s quite straightforward and could even help you cut down on monthly expenses!

With our clients, bathrooms are designed with showers as well as tubs, and the investment yields a much higher return. Not only can you take leisurely baths in your new bathroom but also quickly shower before beginning your day – how convenient! So think about this feature when planning for your next renovation project.

modern bath with tub and shower


When you begin the search for a new vanity, countertops may not be at the top of your priorities – however, they should be. There are various materials to pick from; however, we think quartz counters provide an ideal combination of strength and affordability while also being convenient enough for everyday use. Laminate is typically unsuitable for humid bathrooms if you desire a natural-looking surface and granite offers both beauty and durability that will remain strong long term.

singe bowl stone sink


If you’re considering hardwood flooring for your vintage abode, including the bathroom, it may initially appear to be a great idea. Yet realize that natural wood is not equipped to endure locations of high humidity and moisture. Engineered hardwood or laminate floors can offer enhanced protection from water damage yet will require periodic maintenance if you wish them to sustain their quality over time.

Looking to give your bathroom an upgrade? Look no further than tile! It’s a tried-and-true favorite due to its affordability and easy maintenance, while still bringing modern flair. Tile is the perfect solution for anyone looking for cost-effective flooring that looks great.

Other bathroom upgrades include, but are not limited to:

Bathroom Renovation Contractors In Aldergrove, BC, That Offer An Outstanding Service

Although renovating your bathroom can be challenging, our easy technique will give you a great experience that will save you time and hassle!



We define your vision for your bathroom.




We don’t stop until we bring your vision to life.



Unwind and relax in your unique bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

We anticipate the bathroom will be completed within two weeks, however, should any issues arise while constructing it we may need more time to conclude its construction. Our project coordinator Emily will contact you with any other potential adjustments or deadlines as they come up.
The precise cost of your dream bathroom makeover is contingent upon the size, features, and type of project you desire. The estimated price tag for an average-size remodel begins at $22,000 with a 3-piece shower base installed. Take it up a notch by incorporating any special facets or add a new vanity to match the freshly painted walls!
Put your faith in us; we promise to carry out your remodeling project with the highest level of accuracy and safety. Our team of certified builders are well-equipped in Aldergrove’s building codes which guarantees you the best outcome possible. We guarantee that our professionals strive for their commitment to excellence all throughout every stage, while being insured for liability purposes too!

Over 35 subcontractors aid us in giving you the bathroom renovation you want. These specialized craftsmen are closely managed by our experienced project coordinator, Emily, and our production manager, Kyle.

modern concrete bath in apartment

Find A Bathroom Remodeler That Understands Your Needs!

Act now and take advantage of this amazing chance to get a home renovation service in Aldergrove! City & Country is composed of an outstanding team committed to aiding you love your new locale. We recognize how daunting renovations can be, so we have made it effortless and hassle-free. Don’t let the opportunity pass by – seize the day and secure your dream today!

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The Best Renovation Services in Aldergrove, BC!

Shayne Finskars

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