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What Is The Average Cost Of Kitchen Cabinets In 2023?

In Canada, the cost of kitchen cabinets varies widely depending on the quality of materials, the complexity of the installation, and the size of your kitchen. On average, for basic to mid-range quality cabinets, you can expect to pay between $5,000 to $8,000. For high-end custom cabinetry, the costs can soar to $20,000 or more.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what determines kitchen cabinet costs so you know exactly how to budget for it.

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Factors That Affect Kitchen Cabinet Cost

Diving into the elements that can sway your kitchen cabinet cost, from material selection and finish to installation labor, size, and whether you opt for replacing or refacing. Delve deeper to make an informed decision on your kitchen renovation journey.

Material Selection

Material selection profoundly impacts the cost of your kitchen cabinets. Different materials come with varied price tags and durability levels.

For example, solid wood is a popular choice due to its longevity, but it can be more expensive than other options like MDF or plywood cabinets.

Alternatively, laminate offers an economical option while still providing various design choices to match your kitchen style. Always consider both aesthetic appeal and practicality in choosing the material for your kitchen cabinetry to get value for the money spent.

Stock Vs. Custom Cabinets

When considering kitchen cabinets, you have two main options: stock and custom cabinets. Both offer distinct advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, time, and flexibility. Here’s a detailed comparison to help you make an informed decision:
Stock Cabinets Custom Cabinets
Cost Stock cabinets are more cost-effective, making them a popular choice for homeowners on a budget. Custom cabinets are considerably more expensive due to the higher quality materials used and the labor involved in customizing them to your specifications.
Time Since they come pre-made, stock cabinets can be delivered and installed in a shorter time frame. Custom cabinets involve a longer lead time as they are built to your specific requirements.
Flexibility Stock cabinets come in a limited range of sizes, styles, and finishes, which may not always match your kitchen’s exact requirements. Custom cabinets offer unparalleled flexibility in design, size, and finish, allowing you to get cabinets that perfectly fit your kitchen’s layout and aesthetic.

Color And Finish

The color and finish of your kitchen cabinets play a significant role in determining the final cost. Lighter shades typically require fewer layers of paint or stain, making them less expensive than darker or bolder finishes.

Semi-gloss finishes tend to be more affordable because they need less product and labor compared to high-gloss options. Natural wood-finished cabinets are on the higher end of the spectrum due to their detailed workmanship and material quality.

Additionally, painted custom cabinetry usually has a higher price tag because it requires special skill sets for precise and perfect application. Always consider durability alongside aesthetic appeal; remember that low-cost finishes may not withstand daily wear and tear over time, eventually leading to additional expenses for repair or replacement.

Labor And Installation

You may find the cost of labor and installation to be a significant part of your total kitchen cabinet renovation budget. Professional installers charge varying rates based on the complexity of the job, your location, and the number of cabinets being installed.

It’s crucial to account for these costs early in the planning stages.

While some homeowners choose a do-it-yourself approach to save money on labor costs, hiring experienced professionals can ensure accurate and efficient installation. Troublesome tasks such as aligning doors or evenly spacing drawer fronts become less daunting with expert cabinet installers on your side.

The right professionals also understand building codes and safety regulations, helping you avoid potential issues down the line.

Replacing Vs Refacing

Choosing between replacing and refacing your cabinets largely hinges on your budget and the desired outcome. Replacing kitchen cabinets involves the complete removal of existing ones, providing opportunities for a total redesign.

On the other hand, if you’re happy with your current layout but want to update the aesthetics, refacing might be a cost-effective solution. It’s an overhaul process where cabinet doors are replaced while maintaining the original boxes at significantly less expense than a full replacement.

Not all cabinets can be successfully refaced; extensive damage or wear could necessitate total replacement instead.

Size Of Cabinets

The size of your kitchen cabinets plays an integral role in determining the total cost. Larger kitchens, requiring more cabinets, will naturally need a larger budget than smaller ones.

Standard sizes are frequently used for base and wall cabinets, making them generally less expensive. However, custom-sized cabinets may be necessary for unique kitchen layouts or specific storage requirements such as lazy susans or drawer fronts.

These customized elements can increase the overall cost due to their need for specialized production and installation techniques. Consider this carefully while planning your kitchen remodeling process.


Average Cost of New Kitchen Cabinets

In 2023, the average cost for new kitchen cabinets fluctuates between $180 and $380 per linear foot. This price range usually includes materials, professional installation, and finishing touches.

However, more premium custom cabinets can reach up to $1,200 per linear foot. The total cost largely depends on your kitchen size and cabinet type selection: stock, semi-custom or full custom cabinetry.

Surveying these numbers gives you a realistic financial picture when planning your kitchen remodel project.

Range Of Cost Per Linear Foot

As a homeowner, understanding the range of cost per linear foot for various cabinet types is crucial. Below is a table that provides a clear indication of what you may expect to pay in 2023.


Engineered wood siding emerges as a cost-effective solution for many homeowners. The initial investment is relatively lower compared to other materials like cedar or fiber cement.

While natural wood demands frequent maintenance, engineered wood reduces costs in the long run with its high durability and low upkeep needs.

Easy installation further brings down labor costs, making this material an economically sound option for your home’s exterior renovation project. It gives you uncompromised quality without breaking your bank account, thus highlighting its impressive value proposition in the market of siding materials.

Type of Cabinets Cost per Linear Foot (Low Range) Cost per Linear Foot (High Range)
Stock Cabinets $100 $300
Semi-Custom Cabinets $150 $650
Custom Cabinets $500 $1,200
This table will help you gauge the potential cost of your kitchen cabinet project. Remember, these are average values, and the actual cost may vary based on factors like material, finish, and labor costs.

Average Total Cost Range

A range of factors will highly influence the total average cost of your kitchen cabinets. The more basic stock cabinets begin at around $70 per linear foot installed, while semi-custom options can run you between $150 and $250 per linear foot.

Opting for high-end custom cabinetry pushes the cost significantly higher, often landing somewhere in the range of $500 to $1,200 per linear foot installed. This broad spectrum is primarily due to differences in design preferences, materials used, and installation complexities.

For instance, intricate decorative features or lazy susans may drive the price upwards. Ultimately, your final bill reflects not just the physical components but also the labor costs associated with installation by licensed contractors.

Comparison Of Prices For Stock, Semi-Custom, And Custom Cabinets

The cost of kitchen cabinets can vary greatly based on whether you opt for stock, semi-custom, or custom units. Stock cabinets are usually the cheapest but offer limited options in terms of style and size.

Semi-custom cabinets fall in the middle of the price scale, providing a balance between cost and customization. Custom cabinets, on the other hand, are the most expensive due to their tailored design and high-quality materials.

Type of Cabinets Average Cost
Stock Cabinets $100 - $300 per linear foot
Semi-Custom Cabinets $150 - $650 per linear foot
Custom Cabinets $500 - $1,200 per linear foot

Type Of Cabinets Average Cost

Please note that these figures are averages, and the actual cost may vary depending on factors such as the cabinet material, construction quality, and the complexity of the design.
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Cost of Kitchen Cabinets - FAQs

Estimating the cost of kitchen cabinets involves several steps. You first need to measure the space where you plan to install your new cabinets. The measurements should include both height and length and are often calculated in linear feet.
Once you have these details, decide on the type of cabinet that suits your style and budget – stock, semi-custom, or custom.

To get an accurate estimate, consider additional factors such as material, color choices, and finishes. Labor costs for installation also play a part in overall pricing; sometimes, it can be nearly 50% of total expenses if you choose professional installation services over DIY project handling.

For a more precise quote, contact local home improvement stores with all the necessary information about cabinet size requirements and preferred designs.

Opting for ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets is typically the most cost-effective approach to kitchen cabinetry. These cabinets come in a variety of styles and finishes, similar to their more expensive counterparts, but at a fraction of the price.

Another affordable option is laminate cabinets, which are resistant to stains and scratches while maintaining an appealing aesthetic. Lastly, consider repainting or refacing your existing cabinets instead of replacing them completely for substantial savings on your kitchen remodel project.

The hefty price tag on kitchen cabinets often leaves homeowners scratching their heads. However, a deeper understanding of what goes into cabinet pricing can shed light on the costs involved.

Firstly, the materials used in manufacture play a significant role. Higher-quality wood types like oak or cherry tend to fetch heftier prices than laminate or particle board. Secondly, the level of customization required can also push up expenses considerably.
Stock cabinets come pre-made and thus cost less, whereas custom designs are created from scratch to meet specific demands – an effort that naturally increases costs.

Additionally, intricate details such as glass doors or unique finishes may further add to your bill.

Lastly, labor and installation charges make up a substantial portion of overall expenditure for most home improvement projects, including kitchen renovations. The skills required to install cabinets correctly aren’t easily mastered, and professional installers typically charge by the hour for their expertise, which adds more dollars to your final tally.

While the initial cost of high-end cabinets might seem steep, they present several long-term benefits that can justify their price tag. Well-built cabinets crafted from top-quality materials are highly durable and can last for many years without needing repair or replacement; this longevity in itself saves homeowners money in the long run.

Expensive kitchen cabinets also add substantial value to your home, giving a boost to its marketability should you decide to sell it down the line. Notably, these top-tier options often impress with superior aesthetics and improved functionality like better hardware and additional storage features, an undeniable edge over cheaper counterparts.

Lastly, there is a part of luxury that comes with owning expensive items – they simply make your kitchen look more elegant and beautiful. So yes, while expensive upfront costs may be intimidating initially, it’s clear that investing in top-notch cabinetry indeed pays off gradually on many fronts!

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