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The Best Basement Renovation In Cloverdale, BC

Get started on your basement renovation with the only pro that can make it happen!

Basement renovation in Cloverdale, BC from City & Country Contracting

Are you ready to give your basement a breath of fresh air? 

Our experienced experts are passionate about transforming dull and outdated basements into beautiful living spaces that bring joy and coziness. With us on board, you can trust in knowing we’ll make any room shine with our innovative solutions.

Eliminate all remodeling concerns knowing we have the blueprint for a successful journey and an outcome that leaves you truly satisfied with your home.

An empty basement renovation with carpet flooring and a couch

Basement Remodeling Done Right

At City & Country Contracting, we believe in delivering a superior basement renovation experience. With over one hundred years of collective expertise between us, our professionals are more than capable of transforming any basement into an inviting and useful space!

Get ready to receive:

Make The Most Out Of Your Home With A New Basement

If you’re looking to maximize the worth of your Cloverdale home and appeal to prospective buyers, renovating an overlooked basement is a great investment that’ll pay off in the long run. 

In fact, basements have so much potential that you can recoup up to 70% if you’re remodeling and over 90% if you decide to finish the space.

Transform your basement into a more spacious and valuable space to take full advantage of all the financial benefits, but also all the intrinsic value that it’ll bring to your day-to-day life. 

With City & Country Contracting you’re getting a custom basement design that ensures every single dollar you spend on your basement is put to good use, so by the time we’re through with the project, you’ll see the huge difference it made to your property.

Check out our basement renovation offer in Cloverdale, BC. Work with the only local pros to see your vision through and execute it perfectly!

Cloverdale Homeowners Love Their New Basements


Jordan F.


These guys did an awesome job on our recent remodel.

Shayne was great to work with, he kept us in the loop on the work being done and completed the job on time

I’ve been stalling on renovating some other areas of our home, but after seeing the quality of work, I will definitely be giving Shayne a call again!


Ryan F.


Shayne and the team at City & Country Contracting did a fantastic job with our tiling job.

Great communication, quick scheduling, excellent work completion, and great project management.

Would most definitely use Shayne and team again.

Different Finishes You Can Get For Your Basement

Unleash the full potential of your property by transforming your basement! Not only is it a great way to add value, but you can also bring those long-held dreams and ideas to life. So if you’re looking for inspiration on getting started, here are some inspiring ideas.

Guest Bedroom

As your family blossoms, the need for additional space is inevitable. Having an extra bedroom can be incredibly convenient, from giving kids their own personal area to providing a cozy stay for overnight visitors. 

And if you’re looking to make some supplemental income while doing so? 

Create a guestroom in the basement of your home! Whether including living areas, bathroom features, or any other sophisticated touches, all guests will feel at home with unparalleled comfort.

A bedroom with a living space and a gray couch in a basement

A Man-Cave

Homeowners come to us with dreams of transforming their dreary basements into inviting social corners – ideal for hosting movie nights, playing billiards, or simply catching up with pals. 

This kind of remodeling is a superb concept since it won’t take long and will cost much less than other projects.

Want to turn your home into the envy of all your friends and family? Start by adding a luxurious bathroom on the main level, so no one needs to venture upstairs when they visit. Then class up this space with an elegant pool table, flat screen TV set, comfortable couch, and bar – you will be ready for some remarkable get-togethers!

A wet bar in a basement renovation

An Office Or Workspace

The sudden shift to remote work has been overwhelming for many with the abundance of video conferences, lack of personal space, and constant diversions. 

It’s often hard to remain on task when so much noise around us impedes our ability to focus. For those finding it difficult to adjust, this new way of working from home can be especially challenging.

Reinvent your basement into a haven of productivity. With only two pieces – a couch and a desk – you can create an atmosphere that promotes focus without distractions to hinder output. 

You’ll have all the ingredients necessary to assemble an oasis where you can work undisturbed with minimal effort!

An office in a basement

In-House Gym

In our fast-paced lifestyles, carving out time for exercising tests one’s abilities. Not only is it difficult to make room in your schedule, but gym memberships can be expensive and driving there could take up all a lot of precious time.

If you’re looking for a way to stay fit, reduce stress levels, and work out in the comfort of your own home, an in-house gym is an ideal solution. 

To achieve your fitness goals while practically saving money in the process, begin by purchasing the equipment one by one. You’ll have a fully equipped gym in no time.

Discover Some Of Our Basement Renovation Results

Browse through our portfolio and see what we talk about when we say high-quality craftsmanship. Get inspiration by our past projects and decide which upgrade would look best for your home in Cloverdale or anywhere in BC!

A Highly-Efficient Basement Remodeling Process

Our basement remodeling process was designed specifically with you in mind to make sure that you have a quick, easy, and transparent experience. With our process, you’ll always know exactly what’s happening and why at every step along the way.




We define your vision for your basement.




We don’t stop until we bring your vision to life.



Unwind and relax in your unique space.

Make Your Basement part Of Your Day-To-Day Lifestime With A Quality Renovation

Now is just the perfect moment to start your Cloverdale basement renovation project with City & Country Contracting! 

We specialize in high-quality and personalized basement renovation services for homeowners in Cloverdale, Langley, Surrey, and surroundings. If you want to make your home improvement dreams a reality, we are the team for you.

Work with us and enjoy an unmatched service where our craftsmanship will promise complete satisfaction. We put you and your loved ones first, so you can truly enjoy the excitement of getting a basement renovation.

With your local experts, you’ll also get:

Let A New Basement Improve The Quality Of Your Life

Shayne Finskars

Request a free quote and let’s discuss your upcoming basement renovation in Cloverdale, BC! Or talk directly with Shayne, the owner of City & Country Contracting at (604) 329-8996 and see if we’re the right fit or fill out our contact form.

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