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Tile Installation In Langley Township, Surrey, Maple Ridge, And More Of BC

Enjoy a beautiful and practical bathroom installed by seasoned renovation professionals.

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Imagine walking into your freshly tiled space, the gleam of polished ceramic catching the light, the texture adding a touch of sophistication. Doesn’t that sound enticing? We’re here to turn that dream into a reality.

Our team of skilled professionals at City & Country Contracting is here to bring your vision to life, servicing the Langley Township, Surrey, Maple Ridge, and more regions of BC. We offer an extensive range of designs and materials to choose from, ensuring a personalized touch in every project.

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Choose us to unlock multiple benefits, including:

6 Benefits Of Professional Tile Installation

With City & Country Contracting, there are numerous advantages when you choose our professional tile installation services:

High-Quality Installation

Imagine adding an entire floor to your home without the hassle of construction. Basement finishing lets you maximize your home’s square footage, providing ample space for new living areas, entertainment zones, or even that home gym you’ve always dreamed of.

Time Efficiency

With a professional handling your project, you can expect timely completion, saving you valuable time and effort.


Our competitive pricing means that you get the best value for your money.

Variety of Design and Materials

We offer a wide range of tile designs and materials to meet your unique style and preference.

Durability and Longevity

With proper installation and the use of high-quality materials, your tiles will stand the test of time.

Stress-Free Experience

We manage every aspect of the project, providing you with a hassle-free experience and peace of mind.

At City & Country Contracting, we specialize in bathroom renovations, taking your space from ordinary to extraordinary. Don’t wait to start realizing your vision; contact us today to turn your dream bathroom into a reality.

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Types Of Tile We Can Install When Renovating Your Bathroom

At City & Country Contracting, we offer a wide range of tile options to cater to your unique style preferences and functional needs. Here are eight types of tiles we can install when renovating your bathroom:

Ceramic Tile

Known for their durability, easy maintenance, and wide range of designs.

Porcelain Tile

Highly durable and water-resistant, perfect for humid bathroom environments.

Stone Tile

Offers a unique and natural look, available in granite, marble, or slate.

Glass Tile

Adds a modern and chic touch, available in various colors and finishes.

Cement Tile

Known for their versatility in design and robustness.

Mosaic Tile

Adds intricate designs and patterns to your bathroom.

Vinyl Tile

A cost-effective option that mimics the look of many other tile materials.

Quarry Tile

Water-resistant and durable, perfect for a rustic bathroom look.

No matter what type of tile you prefer, we at City & Country Contracting can expertly install it, fine-tuning your bathroom to your exact specifications. Reach out to us today to discuss your kitchen or bathroom renovation plans!

Explore Our Stunning Bathroom and Kitchen Projects

Explore our gallery to discover a variety of stunning, high-quality tile designs and fully renovated bathrooms and kitchens to give you some ideas on how we can remodel your space.

Our Straightforward Process To Seamless Tile Installation In Langley Township

Our tile installation process is designed to ensure that your renovation progresses smoothly. Here’s an overview of our eight-step process.

Assessment and Planning

We start by carefully assessing the project area and planning the layout. We consider factors such as square footage, floor or wall tile, and whether porcelain, ceramic, or natural stone tiles are ideal for the application.

Surface Preparation

Proper preparation is key. We ensure that the tile surface is clean, smooth, and structurally sound. If needed, we install a backer board or cement board, following building codes and manufacturer’s instructions.

Tile Cutting and Layout

Our skilled professionals use precision tools (such as a tile cutter), wet saws, and tile nippers to cut tiles accurately. We lay out the tiles, paying close attention to center points and avoiding small cuts at the edges whenever possible.

Tile Adhesive Application

We apply tile adhesive using a notched trowel, ensuring consistent coverage and the right adhesive for the job. The adhesive is mixed to a peanut butter consistency, as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Tile Installation

Our team expertly lays the tiles, using leveling spacers to maintain uniform grout joints and a rubber mallet to set them firmly. We ensure the first row is perfectly level and work row by row for large format tiles.

Grout Application

After allowing the tile adhesive to set, we apply grout, making sure to follow the grout manufacturer’s recommendation for consistency. Grout lines are meticulously filled, and excess grout is removed.

Finishing Touches

We pay attention to details like grout haze removal and sealing, leaving the tile surface clean and shiny. Special care is taken in wet areas, like tub surround walls, to ensure water-retaining agents are used.

Quality Assurance

Before completing the job, we inspect the tile installation thoroughly, ensuring all tiles are properly set, grout lines are consistent, and the overall result meets our high standards. We pull grout lines to perfection, leaving a flawless finish.

With City & Country Contracting, you can trust that transparency, quality, and customer satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do. Contact us today to discuss your project details and get a free quote.

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Tile Installation FAQs

Tile installation involves various methods, primarily differentiated by whether they involve installing floor tiles or wall tiles.

For floor tile installation, the process begins with preparing the floor surface, ensuring it’s clean and level.

Next, the layout is planned, with careful measurements taken to ensure even distribution of the tiles.

Once the layout is finalized, adhesives are applied to the floor, and tiles are laid one by one, using a tool called a grout float to apply and distribute grout between the tiles. This tool ensures a smooth and seamless finish between the tiles.

The process for installing wall tiles is similar, with additional measures taken to secure the tiles vertically.

After laying the tiles, the surface is cleaned of excess adhesive and grout, leaving a beautifully finished tile surface.

The cost to install tile can vary widely depending on a range of factors such as the type of tile, the complexity of the layout, and the size of the area to be tiled.

On average, in British Columbia, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $20 per square foot for tile installation.

This includes the cost of tile, labor, and other materials. However, high-end materials and complicated projects may push this cost higher.

Always request a detailed quote to understand all the costs involved in your specific tile installation project.

Ceramic tile installation involves a process similar to other tile types, but specific steps and materials are tailored to the nature of the ceramic. Initially, the surface where the ceramic tiles are to be laid is prepared to ensure it’s clean and level. Then, a layout is planned, and measurements are taken to ensure tiles will be evenly distributed. Tiles are then cut to fit the layout using a wet saw or a tile cutter.

After cutting, it’s time to lay the ceramic tiles. The adhesive is applied to the surface, and the tiles are laid one by one, ensuring each tile is set firmly in place. Spacers are used to maintain consistent gaps for grout lines between the tiles.

Once the adhesive has dried and the tiles are set, it’s time to apply the grout. For ceramic tiles, sanded grout is often used due to its durability and resistance to cracking. The grout is spread using a grout float, ensuring it fills all the gaps between tiles.

Finally, excess grout is cleaned off the tile surface, and the tiles are left to fully cure. After installation, frequent maintenance and cleaning ensure the ceramic tiles retain their beauty and durability.

The duration of a tile installation project can vary significantly depending on a few key factors. These include the size and complexity of the project, preparation needs, type of tiles used, and the working conditions.

A small, straightforward project like tiling a bathroom floor could take two to three days, including drying time. For larger or more complex projects, such as an entire home or intricate designs, it could take a week or more.

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